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Your Virtual Facility Manager

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Who is Facility.guru?

How we help…

  • As a business manager, your responsibility is to grow your brand, market and ultimately customers.

  • Our responsibility is to help make sure problems are resolved quickly. We have done this by building a broad network of contractors throughout the country.

  • Once a member of Facility.Guru, you’ll be added to our facility management system. You and your team will have the ability submit work requests via the web.

  • For non-emergency work, you’ll be able to have an approval tree before coming to us. That way, you will be able to hold staff accountable and have a streamlined communication process.

  • For emergency work, you will have direct lines to our team via phone calls, text messages or emails.

  • Every business has varying levels of complexity. We streamline facility reporting to provide you the data that you need, when you need it.

  • Our network is extremely competitive financially. We regularly do price comparison across contractor trades to ensure that quality is maintained at a fair price.

Why Facility.Guru?






Facility Manager – $90k+
Facility.Guru – A fraction of the cost!

Maintaining your store, clinic, office or facility is important. We provide the most value for clients who do not have staff readily available for facility management. According to salary.com the annual median income for a Facilities Manager is $91,369.

Depending on the size of your organization and number of locations, it would likely take over 300,000 square feet (or 150 Starbucks) for the break even point with Facility.Guru vs. hiring a Facilities Manager. Our average management cost per square foot is $0.30/year.

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